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Meditation and mindfulness teachers. These pioneers from the west in the seventies are jewish again. He said that's a really good question and we talked about he said yeah. It sounds like a law firm and i just love to hear if you have any thoughts on why that is the case. Is it just coincidental. Is there something that maps from judaism to buddhism or otherwise. Do you have any thoughts on that. Because it has it uncanny happens tim ferriss. I have a lot of thoughts on this so these these people are all like really good friends of mine now and they go. There's a. I don't know how they feel about this name. But there is a name for this whole coterie. Which is the jews. The jewish buddhist and the prototypical. Ju boo is actually a jew. Who were say. He's a hindu. His name is ramdas. He his yes. A you will be as 'cause i know you're a real a connoisseur of supporter of Psychedelic or plant medicine and ramdas born richard helper alpert rather a jewish guy from boston. Became a harvard professor along with timothy leary. They got fired for running experiments on their students with either lsd or silla sivan and he went off to india. Richard did and discovered a hindu guru and named himself change his name ramdas and came back to the states. And and there's lots of good documentaries on him. I think some of them on netflix and was extremely influential and the slightly younger generation included. Lots of people. With like ju Chewy jewish names Like joseph goldstein. Sharon salzberg jet cornfield. Sylvia burstein mark epstein. Who's a psychiatrist in. New york city is written whole beautiful series of books about the overlap between buddhism and psychology Daniel goldman who was a harvard. Phd went on to write become a science journalist for the new york times and then wrote a book called emotional intelligence which is obviously a huge book on and on atar brock is a slightly younger iteration of the same sort of trend on and on and on. You have these great jewish meditation teachers. So what's going on here. And i say this as a path through barmitzvah guy what's going on here The jews have a cultural tendency toward anxiety. Which i would argue as well earned from the pharaohs through hitler and you know that yearning for some sort of remedy to this really difficult anxiety that plus the fact that judaism in america is largely tireless of course but largely secular. I think created both a hunger for answers to eighty. And maybe a sense. That there wasn't enough spirituality in their lives throw in the sixties and all the psychedelics and the and the vietnam and the and searching nature of that era and you get the jubilees. That's my sense. Of course they may all yell at me for being wrong about this. But that's my sense title dear opinion and perspective on the whole thing. I certainly not part of the club. So it's harder for me to have a strong opinion of any type about this. It's also been a long standing fascination of mine. I have a lot of jewish friends to observe this. What seems to be you fairly ubiquitous anxiety. In many of the families. I grew up around many of the friends. I developed close friendships with in high school and college. How much of that do you think is cultural. And how much of that is survival of the fittest in the sense if you think about jews as having.

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