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So tough on reporters because their job is like like I mean like really really difficult Yeah yeah construction workers plumbers waiters you'd never understand this. Is difficult being a reporter it's like it's like, having a really, tough job you know what I mean working. In a, kitchen or something and lucky for us the Associated Press has released article titled Mr President the loud, rowdy even rude job of, reporting details for us you know Simpson's just. Exactly how tough their lives are. For one sometimes when when they scream demands the president when. They scream like that you know the leader of the free world sometimes he doesn't even answer that that's. How hard, they're job is. Sometimes he won't even answer he like he just. Ignores the reporters so he can deal with? His presidential, duties or whatever he's doing I, mean talking about. Rude he didn't even listen. To them all the time does he realize, how, important the media is I mean if it weren't for the media, there was no, there'd be, no way That we would. Know the opinions of a highly elite overly educated group of mostly leftist ideologues who actually believe that their. Opinion is, factually undoubtably the. Truth and that everyone else is a total idiot. Who's backwards opinions led to the rise of? Adolf Hitler, so I mean what would we, do what would. We do on Wednesday White House aides band CNN reporter Kaitlan. Collins for, shouting questions to Trump that he did not like setting off a national debate about how the press does its job that's what the that that is what the AP reported but, they didn't ban her from the White House, they banned her from a photo op which I don't. Like leave it, just leave it alone? Mr President your bigger than this But it was one. Event Collins is still a White House correspondent and by the way she was a White House. Correspondent for a conservative website called the daily caller before she joined CNN. So it's not, like she's a liberal hack at times the article read. Like a you know a. Children's book on potty training adequate, dick etiquette dictates that no questions are asked, until the president, makes, any remarks, about where aligned interest and sometimes the dignity of the occasion ends reporters can then ask any question on any topic sometimes they shout. To make sure the president can hear the question first, she wasn't shouting so I don't know where this. Shouting thing came from she wasn't Chaozhou speaking loudly others in the room were shouting but the. AP is, showing their true colors It's coordinated. Disdain for President Trump who. They refer to in this article, multiple times as the former reality TV star Mike Really I, mean, yes he is a former reality TV. Star we got. That but he also now happens to be presently the president of the United. States imagine if we would have referred to as the former anti-gay rights pothead Barack. Obama We could've he was formerly a pothead and he also formerly was anti gay rights Interestingly the article does shed. A little insight into a bama's own tenuous relationship, with the, press a little bit although they do it, with the same boot licking in fact infatuation that they maintained while he was president but. Let let me take some of the boot. Licking off the off the boots here here's a clip of Obama tossing a reporter now I want you to note how joyful. The mostly liberal press reacts followed by. CNN's, coverage of Collins who has. An arrogant look on her face the whole time listen you know what No no no no no no no, no no no no no no no..

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