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Questions and we have a Leslie upping house standing buying from the lady bird Johnson wildflower center and welcome back Leslie how are you I'm doing great how are you doing excellence thanks thanks for calling in this morning so that now and Leslie you know we're going to be changing our programming next week but I hope that you're going to continue to be a part of the show in the weeks and months ahead and I'm excited about the new format well reserve some attention around here we have such not find them yeah and for those who didn't hear last week I want to make the announcement the show's going to be re branded starting next weekend is gonna be out on a limb with town and we're gonna be talking a lot about trees and we you know but will answer all guard questions or tried to anyway and though Leslie has been super gas for a quite some time now and of really knowing us in on what to do in the garden when and what's going on that's the one person in this week you know I'm just really appreciating coming back from vacation yeah he's you know just reaping the rewards as smart design and you know it's been crazy hot and really dry and it's just such a tough man the Texas native said how tough they are one around the gardens and he clamped not only hang on that Friday and so it really is you know I know a lot of people get don hit about being outside in the feeding you really probably shouldn't be outside in the heat but if you plant the right plans to the right place you know it's pretty rewarding did just see how well they deal and I'm starting to see in the birds in the trees and the variance that we and all around the corner so I'm frantically running around and collect the seeds getting things ready to plant in the fall cutting things back you know get in the sand all that nice new growth underneath we just finished two big burn all the property kind of got it summer treat men and stand that separate covering so quickly yeah even without the rain is so remarkable so yeah it's been kind of beautiful and kind I know it sounds silly bag you know it really is a great time to visit the card it just looks really last all that bring rain really made the difference in really held on in the soil and the hand down the heat it's pretty nice you know I may have said down there this week actually I'd like to see the the area that will we were used to control burn of a move yeah now what if all sides so now the fall you can walk the research trail me right in the middle of it and that's a really great way to see how things respond and the stuff coming back I mean millions are coming back evenly actresses coming back they're probably about three inches call now it's really remarkable thing come back and to see the wildlife response that they really it's interesting to see different plants and animals are animals and birds react to the to the bar and for some reason crows are really excited and we got a lot of credit on the property and all the sudden this week we have a bunch cars running around and playing in the burn I'm not really sure what it is that expect them about it but they seem to really get her summery hello intelligent species really interesting is anyway so add an interesting we can for sure to get down there and you know you would you said about seeing the benefits of planning or planting the right things in the right place in a I have to say even with this drought turn that we've taken I still have just barely water my garden is here and yeah our our beds are for the most part irrigated but very frugal irrigation and a very you know quite specific in that specific allegation and yeah it's just getting you know it wouldn't last quite the question that if we hadn't gotten all that early bring their share yeah I'm I'm right now sitting in the hill country stream which is awarded shady garden and just remarkable I love this time of year because you still got your summer bloomers and that you're starting to see the dairy turning you starting to see those late are the fall bloomers like three million some fires a certain come out now and a lot of people don't think of late summer as being very pretty and packed that some of our larger plant and our and our side but I trees that start to really show off and you mention my late going back from a burn and that's one of my all time favorite late summer plans a love of the late Lee a terrace and the the multiple forms gorgeous colors striking striking form to the plant is is great yeah yeah just now yeah all right well let's the only event I want to connect the offi though is starting in September we're gonna start to stay open late because we just love staying up late letting people come and and and be around here for sunset so we're gonna start opening up the twilight Tuesdays again and that will be open late will have years there and cocktails and it'll be really fun and it's free with admission but we'll be staying up and now every Tuesday pretty much their October except for the one day and set up the plan failed but yeah every Tuesday come on down all right you get time to beat the heat okay well Leslie thank you again and look forward to chatting with you soon I'm going to bone up on all my trees it'll be good luck with the new cell and thank you for the opportunity okay of course all right Q. Leslie in the in the city of the.

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