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So and we'll prove that in top secret. But anyways, so Mike talk Talk about. about Michael Eisner, who's the head of paramount at the time said, well, I can get you six on the air on ABC. And so we said, okay. Yeah. Hey, how about a TV show and the way I remember it? We thought about we failed to give that the twenty four hour test. We thought about it. And then the next morning, we call them up. And he said, no, we don't want to do. We don't want to do a TV show because you know, we we wanna do features. And he said, well, I already pitched it to him. And they said, yes. So you you have to do it. And we believed him so. You know, Craig today's you think about all these moments pass in your head. I I loved it. When Leslie Nielsen was talking to the guy down on the dock you want to get information from him, and he started like, maybe this member. Member of money back though, seems make me laugh that. In that routine? We did on stage. I saw also that a version of that. Which made me laugh outlining the water in the. Made me laugh in the TV version of that is the guy who's same guy like the shoeshine guy who had all who had all the information at some point. The guy needs information leaves and then Tommy Lasorda pulls up, and he wants to know who to start the six game and the World Series, or whatever it is. Right in each episode. We had somebody come on one time. It was dick Clark. Right. He asked him. How do you? How do you looks still young? And I have this special cream, and he gave them. Yeah. There were always a little guest cameo. So the Kentucky Fried movie how much of that cost. You remember the budget was for that? It was about six hundred fifty thousand do you know how much made or how it even work back then probably made about twenty or twenty five million and so return. Yeah. They and they weren't you know, it was United Artists theater circuit who, you know, put it out they distributed they put it in their own. Eaters. And so we made a lot of we had a lot of profit participation because they couldn't hide it fast enough. Same thing on airplane paramount didn't expect it to be speak it, and it was put into production as a what they call a programmer and villa distribution pipeline. And and so it's first week. Well, that was that budget was three point two million and it made its money back the first weekend at one hundred thirty on my screen. I mean overall who knows profit keeps growing, but three point two and one hundred thirty million that you you have the this'll help your memory seen. Always cracks me. A Frank driven is going to get them information down right now near do. Well. Well..

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