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Jam desalvo over in the neighborhood, Chicago's still closed down both directions between Morgan and hall steady and sixty six buses being rerouted because of the earlier accident that Kim talked about during the news in north Barrington. Route fifty nine both northbound and southbound closed between golf you drive and Miller road due to an accident and on Chicago's outside and structure fire on south Parnell avenue, just south of one hundred and twentieth. So that areas closed off to traffic. Edens looks good the Kennedy O'Hare into downtown thirty three minutes nineteen from Montrose. The outbound side not bad at all just Twenty-three out to the airport. A little slow between Lawrenson Sayer. The Eisenhower titan north to the tri-state Mannheim to Harlem in Sacramento to the circle forty from three ninety to the old post office twenty four hundred for Mannheim, the outbound side twenty four to Mannheim thirty seven to three ninety your tight from. Eremita first Stevenson three fifty five to lakeshore drive forty to thirty one from the tri-state outbound side, thirty minutes to two ninety four forty out to three fifty five. The Dan Ryan twenty five minute trip. Ninety-fifth into the circle slow after the Stevenson and the outbound side a half an hour out to ninety fifth year. Type from fifty first out to the Chicago skyway now in the Reagan memorial tollway. Westbound after bliss road, an accident blocks the left lane, and that's causing a slight delay. This report sponsored by Comcast. Business fast is a gig speed network that gets business done beyond fastest technology that makes business boom. Comcast business beyond fast. Take your business beyond. Visit Comcast business dot com for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts team hockberg, just search T R A F. I X Chicago. I'm John desalvo in WGN traffic.

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