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Older police chief Maris. Harold, I'm so sorry this incident happened. And we're going to do everything in our power to make sure the suspect Has a thorough trial and we do a thorough investigation. CBS News Special report on that Piper it is 66 degrees on Peachtree Street at 201, WSB meteorologist current, Mello says could see a shower later. Atlanta's most accurate, dependable forecast is coming up. You heard him playing coy about it with Eric this past hour, but Governor camp is expected to announce later today that all Georgians who want one Will be able to get a covert vaccine very shortly now. Channel two's Richard Elliott at the State Capitol kept expected more than 425,000 doses to come to Georgia this week, and there are hopes that that number will only increase. We spoke with Democrats and Republicans here, the state Capitol today. They think such an announcement will be very welcome news governor talked about, as you know, opening it up to everybody in early April when I get a definitive timeline announcement when Mr Kemp speaks at 4 15 this afternoon, will carry it on the air and also stream his remarks live with Georgia racing to get more people vaccinated. There is new concern about covert variants for the first time, Georgia reports a case of the troubling Brazilian variant It's detected in Newton County. The strain is highly contagious and in some cases re infects people who have recovered from Corona. Virus. Georgia also has more than 350 cases of the UK variant and 15 of the variant from South Africa. While getting a shot likely provides some protection. The variance may be more resistant to vaccines. Bill Chi Accio 95.5 WSB started Georgia Tech spring practice off because of covert today was supposed to be the jackets first practice of the year. But that is now on hold for what coach Jeff Collins says or a small number of positive test is in the program. And practices will resume when it's safe to do so. Colin says the spring schedule was built to allow room for a covert pause. The team will practice 15 times, ending with the spring game, which is scheduled for April. 23rd J. Black 95.5 WSB The top local news every 30 minutes and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. US Postmaster General Lewis to Joy's unveiling what would be the largest ever rollback.

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