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That the bank was a great platform to help me create the most value in the world. The other thing that I love is seven habits, highly effective people and in. That, I really started really seeking what is my mission statement? Why am I waking up in the morning like why would there's gotta be something bigger than just me making money and so I actually made a mission statement for myself which was really key for this time of my life and mission statement simply red help people see in resear- highest potential repeat that help people see and reach their highest potential yes. Okay. And the reason why that's so important to me is a lot of people don't even know what their God given potential is. And so the first thing is like how in the world supposed to help you if you came and see yourself Within the second aspect is, how can I show up how I encourage? How can I create something that will not I'm not the hero of the story, but I WANNA be by your side helping you only see that but helping you get there and so that was made without me knowing any of these financial strategies will before better wealth is even a thing. It was just like that was something that I that I made for my. Birthday. One of my team members actually made a plaque for me that still hangs on this wall today and is probably one of the most cherish gifts I have, and so that was foundation and then the guy that was running our banks investment department took another job and I was really the only other person at the bank at this time that was even in the department. So it started out as like a two month interim of. Make sure that nothing birds down by someone else and J G who is like a second father to me who is CEO of the bank he just took me under his wing and said Kayla people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care and even though I wasn't super knowledgeable. I I was very caring nineteen year old and so he knew that clients. Are In good hands and we didn't lose a single client, and in fact, I'm not GonNa say it was an amazing transition but it was a good enough transition where where I kept that role until leaving and so that was kind of the build up in what made that possible. So then what was it that started to shift inside of you to desire to create this company better wealth? So there is always something holding me back about being bold about talking to people and I realized that it was a fear of what other people thought of me. It was a fear failure because here I was really passionate about helping people with money but I was afraid of what if I don't make it? What if I feel financially and I actually really got deep? It's like what am.

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