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Hearing the tristate area will be having larry aided by uh to promote the theory and i said well wait a minute ex it larry go and e on would anyone 'unity with heat dumber though and he has a has been non with me before i know so i parent way he is willing to come on sports radio to promote the show and i know you have you know cut off am friend like that guy jerry from queen so i'm just i dunno you aware of it sounded wording out there and now i gotta either with you to make that happen and and actually was talking to jerry from queens yesterday i you know what that's a good idea and i do know the curb your enthusiasm their new season begins october one he added i saw the trailer it was very very very funny by so let's let's make that happen but my point on the yankee is what let me subtle real quick i am thrilled what what's going on this year outside of the uh if he should say or jopin ingo i don't any of us thought it coming uh a wicked defeat next year in fact i dunno newest state where the code but in their pace all pre you back in late march first week of april they had 10 of their baseball writer and the hyatt any anyone had the yankees which dirt and now obviously not making the playoff having said that it's not going to be a wall knocked hope iran is he continue and the big team a semi today now would neurology choice it but the big theme would not getting the run thin grey without some third pay that happen in mold opined today it's happened to all eastern long it's much if they'd scored at they happy here and i know this is a problem and baseball watch each even from the some of the good it is amazing out these hearings today knock yet runners uh or in our birth but less thank you out and it is a huge ugly bo and is no way they go to beat the indians or the astros or or let alone get out of a wildcard.

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