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Doing all right buddy making sure us away. Yep i just woke up. Steichen about you. Staying away i mean. Just call me when you get home. I mean little stuff like that. Just normal but it's like he he makes everybody feel welcome. I can't tell you like my mom. My mom is. She's known as the queen of hospitality. And i watch people as a child that would come in contact with our family and the way that my mom would care for people and take care of them and do things that she no. They would prefer as i've you know as i was growing up as i became become an adult. There's something very special. Inside of a culture that makes people feel valued. I was talking with my daughter the other night and it. It's it's more than just making people feel comfortable around you. There is something lacking in the world that makes people at an internal level feel valued and like misty was talking about just a minute ago because i don't care what you do. What you do doesn't define you who you are is what defines you and when when you come in contact with someone who sees the value in you and cares enough to call you in the middle of the night. That's a pretty special thing. Yeah i mean that's something that that's that's unique and rare. Yeah and honestly quite quite beautiful. Yeah i mean. It's amazing. What that does and i think i think. Just just listening to that podcast in hearing you talk about their family. It's like something that they've that they have cultivated inside of their little clan. And when you're able to come in contact with it. He realized the special thing they have. Yeah the other thing that i wanted to bring up was what did you think about. Brit davis mr davis seven-minute minute that seven minute interview pretty amazing. He was Is he thirteen when he bought his dad. He was thirteen years old and grew crop tobacco and the farm that he lives on to this day. Literally holy cow and that's a heck of a mantle to put on a twelve year old kid. They they didn't it wasn't like somebody said. Hey klay ask mr brit about how. He got his house that because they would have done because they did that about a couple of other things they were like. Hey asked him about this or that. They told me to ask them about how the doctor talked about. How the doctor in the community win around the white flag their mailbox and nobody asked me to it was it was just normal and what was really neat from like an interview journalistic standpoint. I did not come there to interview mr mr. Brit is always there. He he says very little and i really wasn't sure how he would respond to me like putting him on the spot. And so i got done. Interviewing mr roy in roy is constantly trying to bring other people in for real like if you're hunting with hounds. He's wanting you to put your dog out on the track in. He said hey to get. You need to get bread over here brad. Come over come over here sit down. And they put the headset on mr briggs. I wasn't prepared to interview mr brit. And i think that's what made it so good. Yeah because i asked him. I was just like what are your first memories in in. He just started talking and talking about his dad. Yeah surprise me. It was pretty emotional listening to that. Surprise me because i ran into you know that his father had died. And i don't know you you just have you. I did learn something. You have this sense that like a ninety year old man like you could just ask him outright about his dead. That was my sense. And i hope it didn't come across as brash. Actually take out some of the spaces like sometimes there's in normal communication. That'd be a pause for emphasis on burglaries because we're trying to make it efficient. I take out a lot of stuff so it sounded like i just was like how'd you. How did you handle that. But really it was kind of a little bit more thought in it. But but just as i was listening to. I didn't wanna fill brewed. Yeah the way. It came across. Because because i said how did it affect you when your dad and he. He didn't say anything for probably four or five seconds. Yeah you know and that was. He's ninety he'll be nine well. He's ninety now. He said till june second because recorded before. Then you know he's ninety seventy years ago and it's still you know i'm the same way in my dad's been gone ten years eleven years now but his reaction to that was just like mine would been six years ago or right after it happened. Yeah it's still a you know. A deep emotional effect that has guided him to where he set from that day to where he said right. Now that was you know what one of the things that guide him to where he is. So yeah let's brett for stranded with them. Every single day this year really he drives a little suzuki sidekick four-wheel-drive really he. He rides around listened to the bear. You know the guys have their trucks and they they the guys that are hunting or you know it's a hustle. They're trying to cut off dog races. And it's just like it's pretty cool. Mr brit stays on the radio in knows that country and in here he'll hear him say man of dogs. You're headed calpine pass. He'll get in his suzuki and head over there. Get out and listen to the dogs. And i'm pretty sure he told me. He hunted every day with them this year that they hunted tennessee season has like three of three different seasons. That are you know how are long but a pretty pretty unique. I thought so part. Two of the podcast is going to be about moonshine. Nascar and bear hunting. It was all supposed to be a one podcast. And when i got dive into it it was just too much. I really want to dive into moonshine. Because moonshine was is a little race handled. Listen the i'll forecast you what's going to happen on this like people talk about moonshine hard liquor as if it's like candy i mean even when you're in that country like you see it on billboards it's just a site playful thing like oh moonshine man. Moonshine ruined a lot of families. I had a guy over there who didn't want to be on the podcast. I kind of tried to get him on and he decided he didn't want to be but you know he. He told me he said man. Moonshine was like the meth dealers. That time wow it. Bruin families in so in. That's one like pretty dramatic extreme but the other extreme is that that. Yeah moonshine no big deal. And you heard what mr roy said. I gave you just a snippet is he said i said. What do you think about liquor. And he said. I don't want anything to do with it. And he was real upfront and he wouldn't have said it if he didn't want he didn't. He just said it because it was true. He said he said some of my family stayed drunk their whole life and i wasn't going to.

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