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Workers and maybe if you can get a multi like a scoop ice cream there one day I'd like to do. That what do you? Think I'd like that work to? Counter no one's got a better molten. UDF would you agree a man, segment some unusual stories today That right segment how. About the guy. That put out a cigarette and somebody's liver that he disembowelled and after thirty five years you still can't get them. Executed look the Jody's to do is to write a? Book book we don't know half the. Stories right about Donald Harvey that, whole deal action unbelievable Will he in honor of absolutely beautiful day here in the tri-state the nation in the, world and more stories coming up. And, now the all star game tonight hopefully one of the. Reds will be the MVP we leave you with the immortal words of the. Stew Report I'm telling you I just did everything wrong with my life I should just got naked on the internet. That's Kim Kardashian who began at all by getting naked on the internet since then the family as they're all north of billions of dollars in value on. The entertainment network and all their businesses and her. Dad Doda whether or not it's a he or she You know I thought about a messed up group now I'd say you're until you get the unkindness coat of all will he she hasn't has he not according to media accounts Any other. Comments or questions I don't I'm just waiting for two thirty to, see what? Else is. Going on in the world it's nuts I, got a text from Tanya Aurora nine on your side go right ahead? Coming up..

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