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Eugenio Suarez, Matt sixties back at third. In just an editorial note here. I don't know how you got Moustakas, Who's on the 60? You've got some guys coming back, and Suarez is not hidden all that great. And had some issues defensively. I don't know what you do with him, but we'll have to wait and see Shoko Akiyama back in at center field. He'll get the start. Batting seventh. Kyle Farmer at short bats eighth and Louis Castillo is pitching for the Reds and batting ninth trend. Grissom, Manny Machado Machado. Excuse me, Jacob Corona Worth At second, Eric Hosmer, Wil Myers and right match fifth for the Padres. Jurickson pro far is in left Matt Sixth House, saying Kim, who well devastating yesterday's at short. Victor Cara Teeny is behind the plate, Batting eighth and Denison Lamb. It right handed pitcher is on the hill for San Diego. Uh, a couple other things here to get to as well like maybe checking some scores around Major League baseball to this point, as well as the scheduled to as we take a look around at what's going on here. And we got the four 11th pitch for Reds and Padres. The medicine nationals getting at it in the bottom of the seventh. Now in D. C, with the Nets up 6 to 2 over the Mets top of the ninth. In interleague play. The Indians are in Pittsburgh and lead 2 to 1 over the Pirates bottom of the seven Blue Jays and Orioles 41. They are leading the owes at their place in Baltimore in New York, the Bronx Yankees leading the Athletics 2 to 1 in the top of the sixth at the top of the seventh. Excuse me. Uh, he also got the Red Sox and Royals in Kansas City knotted up at two in the bottom of the third bottom of the fourth Cardinals Braves unfortunately, ST Louis leading in Atlanta, 3 to 1 White Sox and Astros in Houston, five the to the Stros, leading the White Sox copies no score against the Marlins on the North Side of Chicago. Twins, So the Reds will visit and they have not exactly been doing real well at 29 41 for the season, but I think I got a winning streak at like three in a row. They get a two game set real quick after they get out of San Diego Twins and Rangers. Rangers down to nothing. In Texas top of the first the Brewers, already leading in Colorado over the Rockies. One Nothing tonight. It's Cardinals and Braves again Phillies Giants and later on this afternoon Tigers Angels in Los Angeles. Dodgers Diamondbacks in Arizona after four o'clock, raising Mariners as well and that is the inside pitch..

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