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Losing the right here K. an S. T. A. M. seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk I tree thing is so I think you needed to know number one is that bill Barr unleashed leading the entire world know that this whole investigation into trump this rush resignation was baseless trump was spied upon the campaign was spied upon the FBI withheld information lied about the dossier mocked the media I will place a more somebody's coming about this because it's really incredible second thing I think you need to know I is that Joe Biden apparently said he will not comply with any subpoena V. is gonna be forced to testify will not comply at the impeachment hearings in the Senate was he lives Graham is the guts even issue one by these stories out there now that Joe Biden is also hinting is political Biden signals to age he did serve only a single term because he's a thousand years old third thing I think you need to know Pima county administrator truck uncle Barry all of a sudden against operation stone garden for the simple reason of it makes pension costs go up these guys get paid overtime up the stone guard the great covers it but then their salary goes it will roll we taxpayers in Pima county I really care about you this time ignore the bowling alley the soccer fields the court house world view ignore you have to pay an extra few Bucks for their pension payments three things I think you need to know ignore the transportation apartment two hundred eighty some employees and the roads look like garbage look they are garbage is true thank you good point there you go what a dope that person is holy smokes anyway there's a there's but wait but wait there's more here's more there's always more always more by the way really really quick so this this is just one for the this is incredible to me so everything is leaked about trump right nonstop not even true stuff all this other stuff Bubba blah right get Lisa page the lover of Peter stroke the lover is now suing the department of justice the FBI for leaking text messages unlawfully releasing text messages yep she always is just too much how dare you do that this is just all terrible machine stroke fired can buy the molar by Muller because well this horror which guy found out they were having an affair and the text messages which by the way he were or which way ten minutes ago there's nothing wrong there's a political bias at all that we could see nothing as to why this started no not at all yeah they were emails apparently as well emails last month the department justice but a letter revealing even more exchanges between stroke and page Lisa page ready for this I didn't realize he knows apparently Peter stroke sent a message to Lisa page quote my white friends might bode I I guess apparently strokes wife was calling this a page from his phone leaving page voicemails after she found hotel reservations in pictures showing the affair so Lisa page sent a message responding your wife left me a voicemail my supposed to respond she thinks rubbing affair should I call corrector understanding leave this to you to address a question mark she is suing yes they were of course struggle but I don't know I said we were close friends nothing more she noticing flowers is a remnant of week yep so Lisa page tweets out yesterday I sued the department of justice not be added at take little join having done so but what they didn't begin my messages to the press was not only wrong was illegal that okay that that's illegal but to the whole Russia hoax come on listen and listen to bill bar this is just incredible stuff number ten number ten bill bar just on for eagle on freakin Weigle last night NBC news the whole interview on my pager can Esty dot com with Pete Williams listen to this our I think our our nation was turned on its head for three years I think based.

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