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Sunshine after some fog and clouds upper fifties to the low nineties inland Today, Bay Area Sacramento Valley High's 91 to 97. Right now. 5 51. Good morning. This is the California report. I'm Saul Gonzalez in Los Angeles, California Health officials say the Fizer vaccine could be available for 12 to 15 year olds as early as tomorrow. This comes after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the shots for adolescents earlier this week, KQED Health reporter Lesley McClurg explains. Even though you are a lot less likely to get a serious case of cove in it's still possible and lessen some teens have died from the virus. That's why state officials are urging you to get their shots, so it's great that our kids and our teams will be able to join. Your grand parents, their parents and loved ones, their older siblings and getting vaccinated. The more vaccines we can get into arms of eligible Californians, the more we can stop the spread. That state epidemiologist Dr Eric Upon In a few days, you can sign up for appointments through the website, my turn or through a pediatrician. Parental consent is required. In most cases for anyone under age. 18 shots will be administered at Mass vac sites, pharmacies and doctors offices. Some adolescents will experience side effects like fatigue and headaches for the California report. I'm Lesley McClurg. Now. While many parents support their younger Children getting the vaccine, others may still be skeptical. So we called up a person who's uniquely qualified to walk us through the process of getting Children vaccinated. He state Senator Richard Pan, who's also a pediatrician, and led the effort to tighten California's childhood immunization law. The first thing we asked Senator Pan, why is it important for younger Children to get the shot? Well, it's very important for parents to get their adolescence vaccinated against coveted. It gives your teenagers freedom, freedom from the fear of being infected with this virus, which, while less serious for younger people. Still can have very significant long term effects. We've seen this in teenagers and even Children. It gives them freedom to go about their lives less likely to not only catch the virus but also to transmit it and give it to other people. Yeah, I have talked to physicians who have told me that It's not so much that this particular age range is in peril when it comes to getting very sick from coded, But they are great when it comes to transmitting cove it on to others. Is that correct? Oftentimes when we talk about how serious Cove it is, is correct that it is seniors who are most likely to die from coveted who are more likely to get Much sicker with coded But it is not unheard of for teenagers to catch Cho bed and developed long term effects from Covina and even a small number of teenagers have died from coded So there is a safety issue for teenagers themselves. But what's even more important is that we want to reduce the transmission of this virus in our community overall and again, speaking as much as a physician, then state legislator What do you say toe parents who might have second thoughts might be concerned about this vaccination for their younger Children. Oh, please talk to your doctor and other trusted sources of information. If you have questions, it is important. You get your questions answered, and we want to answer them with accurate information in fax. Also be a little suspicious about things you hear on the Internet on your social media feed, so please talk to trusted sources of information about the vaccine. How it can protect your child in your family and also what the risks are of which are quite minimal. But there are some risks with the vaccine. Any thoughts about vaccination shaming out there and how it effects. Younger people in teens and Children. And I'm thinking of, you know, perhaps Children who haven't been vaccinated yet and might encounter blowback from friends, the wider community. What's really important is that people have the opportunity to get active information and then Equally important as people actually have the operative to get access to the vaccine. We need to keep in mind that there are people still out there who want the vaccine but have not gotten it because it's not been as accessible to them. They may have transportation issues. They have other reasons why it's hard for them to get to a vaccination site. And so we need to figure out how to get the vaccines to them. And so we were talking about vaccination or teenagers. Certainly we wanted a vaccines available to them at a vaccination sites at doctor's offices and pharmacies, But we also want to try to bring the vaccines to them. And that's why we're also talking about how do we get vaccines to schools where the teenagers are and then eventually for the younger kids, also the elementary schools and other schools. Middle schools so that we can make the vaccines available to all the parents who want their Children protected. All right, that is a pediatrician and state Senator Richard Pan of Sacramento Senator Thanks so much. Thank you so much for having me another pandemic News. Two more counties in California have moved to the least restrictive yellow tear when it comes to reopening Cove in 19 numbers have improved in both San Matteo and Mono counties, allowing more places there to reopen with higher capacity limits. Madera County has also moved from the red here. The less restrictive orange tear on Lee. Nine California counties remain in the red here as we approached June 15th. That's Governor Newsome's target date for fully re opening the state. And saying he wants to get something done. Governor Newsome has proposed spending $12 billion over the next two years to tackle the state's Holmes. This crisis more than $8 billion will go towards expanding the state's project home Key program. It buys motels, hotels and bacon apartment buildings and turning them into housing for the homeless. Speaking in San Diego yesterday, Newsome says one goal is ending family homelessness in California in five years to dress all Needs of that population, but again with the urgency of the immediacy to move these dollars out, so that process starts with some very significant Engagement from the front and not just waiting on the back, and Newsome says his plan would place up to 65,000 people in housing and create 46,000 new housing units in the state. Support for the California.

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