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The brits had people are germans had people there you know nadya military so in russian cubans and russia's everybody mangled i in particular cubans who are famous for buying prime play sickles and shipping them back to back to cuba the airport turned gander into an amazingly diverse place and beyond that it was a portal from the town to the rest of the world there are stories about local people with the right connections hopping on last minute flights cuba in europe and new york city just by clearing it with the captain and maybe it was all those trips to new york that prepared the people of gander for september eleventh two thousand and one as matches mesh we have a breaking news story to tell you about apparently a plane has just crashed into the world trade center here in new york city at happened just a few moments ago apparently we have very little tiffy my wife said she had had the news on in the morning and she said that looks like an airplane crashed in the one of the buildings in new york on the morning of september eleventh an unprecedented decision was made to close all american airspace hundreds of flights were diverted to land at airports in canada that was only on ten minutes on the town manager called me and said you better come in we may be getting some planes india india one one one one three three gander at turn right heading three zero as the planes came in one by one the people of gander gathered outside the airport to watch.

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