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So glad you're here at 51283605 90 getting updates on this hack of JBs and our meat processing here in North America and in Australia, we'll get to that. Just a second. We had a conversation earlier this morning with folks in the trucking industry about how you know lack of drivers and now the cyber attack and how it's affecting meat prices across this country, and Aaron is in Austin. He's on the tide of Don Show this morning, Aaron. Good Morning. What's on your mind? Didn't win. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I was just just a little background is that I have I have trained drivers. From multiple municipalities in this area on day over the last few years, the Texas Department of Transportation has our DPS officer says. Changed the way they The certified driver's now resulting and, you know, I'd say about 80% failure rate on their 1st 1st go round of testing, and then you get A couple more attempts, but those air months apart when they fit you in, finally on. By that time, they've already found another job because they got to make ends meet. Absolutely. Or they got fired from the current job because they couldn't you know, meet the Meet the qualifications to be a trucker. What's so difficult about the qualifications? Well, Yeah, most of it. You got a lot of red tape. You know, if you forget something when you're here, you know you have a permit issued to you, but you forget it. On your way there. You show up and say why I have my permit. It's on the records and they say, Well, do you have in your pocket? No. Okay, well, you can come back and see me in two months. Wow, Esso that zounds! That's not good. Yeah, And then in also, they're going to go ahead and they're going to charge you one of your three attempts at your tests by giving you that So you got you got some people that are signing up and being kicked out because of some some minor offenses If you will. Yeah, absolutely. And And the testing part of move on to just the test. In general. The tests are hard. Um, I got my license back in 2007 and Now your season driver's probably couldn't take these tests and passing. Wow, just mainly because once again technicalities when you go in there, and they You passed your paper tests once you do that, you have to go in for an in person walk around. You go. And you do this walk around. You have somebody that hasn't Had no idea what they're doing with the truck. And they're administering this test verbatim. So if you call another boat Or a bolt in it. You got tagged wound for each one of those Each one of those discrepancies in your walk around you get a point. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you failed. They stop the test. Don't tell you what you got right or wrong, and they send you home. They tell you all right? That's one of your your attempts. I'll see you again and Most of time. It's about a month because the tests themselves takes so long that that's the backlog and you have so many people failing the test. That They You know, they have a huge back on and I think that with with over the last year in the layoffs that happened There's a lot of drivers that probably said And maybe there's a few that I'll call in. But they might have said You know what I'm done with this? I'm gonna go ahead and change career directions. Let go of their CBL and good luck getting it again because Unless you're coming straight out of high school or college right now. Those tests and the way that they administer, um aren't for Aren't for You know the driver of 20 years ago? Where driver of teen years ago? That's interesting. Yeah, this is the first time somebody is called with specifics about about the problem. Usually it's just not enough young people are getting into the game of, you know, wanted to be a truck driver, but you take it one step first. Absolutely. You're right about that. Um, Secondly, that you have You even have some test Proctor's certain locations that you do not bring your students too, because they will fail you. So you will grab 100 Miles out of your way to go to a different GPS location. Sounds like this. Um, ego is, um, sounds like there's some ego involved here. With some of these These test. People give it a test thing is unnecessary. No question about it, because that's that there and sat in on these tests and said, Well, what's going on? You can't be back here, sir. It sounds like the trucking industry needs to get involved in this. No kidding. And quite inhibiting. What? What is the age limit by the way for becoming a trucker? Is there an age limit? Come a trucker at 18 years old. If your interest state when you're going to stay inside of state lines, you could be 18 years old or it's 21. If you're gonna be interstate, what's the maximum drive National? I'm looking for a plan B in case radio didn't work out what? What's the maximum maximum e? I mean, you could take that You probably have to go do some of that a new mascot. They're teaching and things like that to build a fast test, But I've never run, so take it. Take a few more than too few this classes they came up with in the last couple of years and you might be able to pass the test. But no, there's no There's no age limit. Anybody can get in it. What's it cost? What's the cost? To take the course. Take the test and become a drive you If you were locally, there's cos If you wanted to become a CDO driver, you pay about $5000 for the scores. And they will let you come in, and they're going to teach you that. You know, they will help you with the written part of the test, and then they're gonna teach you how to do the walk around test. And then at that point, they're gonna have a truck You practice driving in and then they're gonna bring you for your in person tests, and I sat there with those proctors. With those teachers. Those companies. the same room with them multiple times. And their students fail is well, interesting. Five k. That sounds like a lot. Oh, yeah, it is. I mean,.

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