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On eighty five percent of at social security but the reverse mortgage money that you put in your pocket has absolutely nothing to do without calculations just like a roth ira race taking money out of a rough has nothing to do with that calculation smith number seven there are restrictions on how the money is used and taxes will have to be paid on it no no i just talked about the tax situation but there are no restrictions the government doesn't say well if you're gonna spend this money on fun stuff we're not going to insure the loan now they don't do that germany spin it out ever you want and then finally reverse mortgages are only for seniors in need four four the house rich cash individual votes certainly get help the house poor person but it's not one of those things where you have to be you know in need and over sixty two as i mentioned just getting the line of credit set up at age sixty two that's as soon as you can do us and letting it grow over time can be a tremendous financial resource for those that might be running a little thin on their retirement income and frankly as most of us we'll talk about this in the fed interest rates and preparing to get a home loan twenty eighteen that's coming up sit around and says the one talk show you got a tune into every day israel sure got.

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