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It's had many four. It was the cannonball run of its day who was five cannonball run great movie. Burt Reynolds always chewing gum. The great movie like cannonball run while not too. I actually felt like they do. I think to have the guy from moon raker, Josh Johnson, and then he was hanging out with Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan's first, maybe. But then also in cannibal too. I was. I was looking at like how drunk is Sammy Davis, junior, and with the moon, it's he's all like Martin team, the fucking lost. Sev up. We'll just bucket imply with alco-. Drove and cannon bowl. Oh, I just let it one of them. They were priests. Cops, and then the second one I would call so seventy year old cops. So here's the deal. I just love that after cannonball run one. They said there's still some story after untold. We have to do it to hear it had had to go. He play daisy, Duke in it. And she's like when she was just in a Ferrari. And then she comes out and some hot pans turns out that any cups, we see a woman pensions, go move along, Catherine buck. She can do anything she wants. Jackie Chan was in it. I wasn't listening. Chess before I'm going to tell you, I'm gonna lie down, please. I'm Jacky Chan facts to rise some channel, Jackie Chan spent his teenage years in a strike area. Now, Jackie Chan lived in the town of camera, which is the capital of his dry, which is equal distance from Sydney and Melbourne, because the two cities couldn't decide. We built this little town that just like parliament and Washington, but it has all the different embassies and what it's worthless otherwise now, hey, live to know why because he thought he's parents were in some shitty fucking dry cleaners or something that was be big with our joy cleaners or whatever the father probably got moved up because Jackie Chan's parents were fucking spies outta here I was spine is and they would us. And then when they went into retirement, they got the hide out where the government bodies were in a stri and hating fund is out. He was an all man. So Jackie Chan spares factory spa game. They're like Mr. and MRs Smith. I let me. Can't do anymore. They had Jackie Chan, and then Jackie was sent. Didn't finish going started working on construction sites. Mike couldn't say he learned how to do the ladder. Couldn't he's Asian. I Jack, Jack, does that. And that's where Jackie Chan's nine comes from is because the stranger rice est. Why go now, and he still doesn't speak English very well. Like to me, that is hard Hard part. part is you develop think it worse if you got to learn English Australia as if I conjuring that's where you got to learn the why the queen's thinks it the way that you can Queen laying in a gutter Queen. I never knew that I see all that stuff. I definitely camber and all this other stuff. I'm like, man. Man, she grew up checking, you know, he's. Known as the Chandana under. Jan I was runs doing. I was in Hong Kong and I was doing some gigs day just in like two ex, Pat soon, Hong Kong, and they, they made me do the radio, and I was doing radio. Everyone told me this building is the same place with with Jackie Chan. Has he's offices right? And I was like, he's like the seven floors that. And so I think it's on bullshitting on the radio, and I'm like, oh, you people in Hong Kong. If you wanna look, I think Jackie Chan's a pussy. I want them to. I want to don't want and fought him in this building. I wanna fight him the save Ning at eight PM, and that's how I was telling the gig, the bla-bla-bla club fight, Jackie. If your main show up.

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