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It becomes two thousand dollars to help continue the fight for a Nathan Apodaca to talk about another name. Can we talk a little bit about that case? Sure. Nieces student at Cal State university in San Marcos, and he's the president of a pro-life group on campus. That should sought funds for a pro-life speaker of the student body has a rule process where they found all organizations also all groups supposing on equal basis. As it. Turns out normally equals not equal. The pro-life group was any funding for speaker. But the gay lesbian groups received over about a quarter of a million dollars in round numbers. Wait, a quarter of a million dollars for speakers and all the other groups combined received around thirty thousand dollars and so. The groups that are pushing the progressive message. Really two groups who received the lion's share the my end this is money taken from every student in student visas, like a tax on public school college campuses. So so what what are you suing for what's the relief, you're seeking for Nathan Apodaca seeking equality of really far ultimate goal in. These kinds of cases is to end the practice of collecting student fees for for these kinda purposes that they just need to stop there being administered in such uneven fashion that they become nothing more than a propaganda tool for the last and its students of all stripes that are being forced to fund these propaganda machines. Okay. It's so important to get updated on all this stuff. You can find information at our website at Michael Medved dot com. Go to the banner for the alliance defending freedom and call them, call them now before the weekend goes any further call with your pledge and again, right now, whatever you give can be. Doubled. Because there is a generous donor out there who is matching every dollar you give with a dollar of his or her own. You can call toll free eight six six nine five four three three eight eight eight six six nine five four three three eight eight hundred dollars or one hundred thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars would be really great.

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