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Middlebrook. Good morning. Thanks for joining us. I'm Pat Cassidy these are the top stories on NewsRadio WBZ Emmanuel wants to Chicago casino legal marijuana across to help shore up the state's pension fund this Bernie to foia. Millions in loans are being used to help turn old closed city schools on the south and west sides into usable building and British Prime Minister Theresa may will face a no confidence vote today that throws breakfast plans and her job in jeopardy. WBZ sports. Josh good morning falling behind early cost. The hawks losing their eighth straight in Winnipeg. Six three the bears gear up for Green Bay minus injured Bryce Callahan. More forty five BBN and business. Good morning. This is Len Walter with you a top executive of Hawaii was granted bail by a Canadian court here at home stock index futures point to a strong start of trading. After President Trump's upbeat trade comments right now, the Dow future up to one hundred nineteen the NASDAQ better by sixty five still showers north northwest of the city this morning, otherwise partly cloudy, breezy an-. I near forty thirty six now going up to forty today. WBZ news time seven thirty one. Topping our news Chicago's outgoing mayor is set today to share his plans to help the city address. It's melting pension crisis. Mayor Emanuel reportedly will call for any revenue the city receives from legalized recreational marijuana or possible Chicago casino to be used to pay down pension debt and in excerpts released by the mayor's office. He joins those calling for a change in the state constitution, which now bars officials from doing anything to diminish your impair the benefits of Karen workers or retirees the mayor hinted at this speech last month, take takeaway on that speech. And there's going to be a lot of different parts honesty with the public. The last city council meeting of the year. We'll follow this address at city hall, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM service on the. As red line was delayed for a time this morning. If you're a person was struck and killed by a train. The victim of man was hit by a southbound train about five thirty AM near the sixty third street station platform, he was taken to the university of Chicago medical center where he died. The operator of the train suffered minor injuries and was taken a Saint Bernard hospital for treatment a pregnant woman is fighting for her life after being shot in the head yesterday afternoon in far north suburban round lake surgeon, Chris ca- a spokesperson for the Lake County. Major crimes task force says people who were present at the time of the incident are being questioned there were several individuals that.

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