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John, Justin Beaver, Kim K. Kim discussed on Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie


Jeez what celebrity annoys me the most John you got an answer on this one I mean I know I got all sorts answers making who annoys me Justin beaver's probably high on that list right Kim K. Kim can are dashing in Conyers a Bo yeah but anyway on that list I I do think the Kardashians are like the go to for me right but you know I'll go if I will go with all of the what's that show where the the the wives love thing like our real housewives real housewives I'll go with the collective real how all the real house all the real house hold up you might want to take this back because you know who is now I don't know if it's Beverly hills Larkana watch but I've seen the commercials my wife you know who is now a real housewife of one of the California shows are Denise Richards is all on the show they're going to take it back jobless and if she's with Neve Campbell in a pooled their resignation otherwise no can do you know who I find it annoying and I think a lot of people who are not seen by the way yeah I ha is beyond good go ahead a wild scene a wild raising well Charlie sheen's who's married to Charlie team like that that she's got some real job I wasn't mad at Matt Dillon for that scene I was mad that he got to be in that scene and not I but anyway go I don't blame you I thank Jennifer Aniston annoying ever talk sweet high I think that's.

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