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On the app store. You're welcome okay. I gotcha good then. I i hate you less than someone who has spent whatnot working. In gaming news personal level previous previously thirteen point zero raise just came out and they've done a lot of work on lenox emulation stuff so apparently number people got steam for lennox running unfor- visiting oku but I haven't. I haven't tried for myself yet so i don't know any of the lennox games i've got thir- will work but For example i can now run chrome frequency box full time which is useful only for the fact that it means. I can run net flicks. Disney plus have was on prime that on my desktop without going through the hoops of running in a virtual machine. So it's nice. That's how i watched falcon winter soldier on friday for example I haven't heard anything new in production. Ore anything eater entrust I do know that they have to talk for pilot for the painkillers from blackley. I don't know how well it did. I don't know if they're planning on going for. I do think it's kind of a shame claiming after all three seasons well. Netflix seems to insist on making me. Watch that show. Because every time. I log in that flags Thing pops up on my screen saying hey you see them finish washing black lightning yet when you finish watching him black lightning. I'm like okay. If i wanted to watch black lightning i'd be watching black lightning. Yeah that's like mag mode is kind of annoying very annoying. I don't eat a bump up on my screen saying hey forget about this This show that you were watching. I'll get to it when i get to it. Yeah bad enough. I get inundated by emails from them. I've turned types of. I've turned off any sort of emails from afflicts. I will admit that sometimes. I'll catch it like if it's something. That's new switch on netflix. Often enough to you. See what's new and then sometimes they're like oh. I really liked marsat. So i kind of liked the emails for that but it doesn't catch my eye than i immediately so today's have a segment three. You wanna talk about any any issues that you want to bring to the roundtable any Any discussions you wanna have with with cove covert. It's been pretty limited the stuff that we've brought to the table so far but just in case some. I'm putting it out there. They're about to change my work hours. Which means every second saturday so all on you will. What every second saturday. I won't be available for.

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