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Support Me in Hollywood, Unhappy with Bill Cosby surprised released from prison Wednesday, but his former TV wife is celebrating Phylicia Rashad, who played Claire Huxtable on the Cosby Show Tweeting. Finally, with several exclamation marks, she writes quote. A terrible wrong is being righted. A miscarriage of justice is corrected. She's in the minority, though, when it comes to those of the blue check on Twitter, actress and Time's up founding member, Amber Tamblyn among those who say they're furious about Cosby's release, and she writes, Shame on the court. And his A. B C's Jason Nathan said reporting there from Los Angeles 67 on Capitol Hill House lawmakers today approving a special committee to probe the capital riot that vote today to 22 to 1 90. It mostly fell along party lines. Many Republicans voting against this, saying they had objections to majority Democrats in charge of that committee. Meantime, the FBI in Boston, also announcing today it has arrested a man from Somerville in connection with that attack 28 year old Noah Bacon, facing several charges, including disorder, disorderly conduct conduct Rather an obstruction of Congress chase. Kevin Allen of Seekonk also arrested on two charges connected to that attack. Including an act of physical violence on the Capitol grounds. This means 10 people so far have been arrested by the FBI in Boston in connection with that capital riot when it comes to Covid in Massachusetts tonight, DPH confirming 93 new cases in the latest report this out of more than 31,000 tests, seven day average positivity rate is up tonight. 2.36% 110 people in the hospital getting treatment, and one more person has died. It's six Oh, wait Time for Bloomberg business. Amazon is responding to an ongoing Federal Trade Commission review of its proposed $8.5 billion acquisition of the MGM movie Studio. Amazon argues in a formal request to the FTC today that the agency's chief Lina Khan, Should recuse herself from all matters related to the company because of her history, criticizing it, Amazon says. Khan has on numerous occasions said the company is guilty of antitrust violations. And should be broken up. Stock indexes mixed it today but advanced more than 12% to in the case of the S and P more than 14%. For the first half of the year, Dow Rose 210 Today, NASDAQ Lost 24 S and P 500 added six, Andrew wrote Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio severe weather making its way Across Massachusetts, We've got traffic and weather together coming up at 6 13 commuting to work anymore. Tell your smart speaker to play WBZ NewsRadio on I Heart radio and get news Check in with us on WBZ Right in your kitchen 30 for.

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