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He. sh in fiction okay action. but to fit the fiction. Dave I'm gonna say that is fiction. yeah. yeah yes fact fact yes Dave I say fiction. I seen either. you have to pick I think it's a fact. it is a fact it is not even close of the U. S. makes nine hundred and seventy four million dollars in paper money monopoly makes thirty billion dollars in paper this is amazing that they the United state I mean obviously the money in circulation stays in circulation until it doesn't but the fact that we only make a little under a billion new dollars a year half didn't seem like a lot yeah just isn't it still stays in circulation for songs totally random but once I did see a show talking about counterfeiters that did it by hand and it passed they were able to pass off the dollars and he did it by hand well but with the only have to do is make your orange one a yellow one no this was a monopoly kind of. so they have a different Parker brother for each color. Michael yells coming up Michael yo is that goes to the insider and CBS got a project coming up and stock up in Kevin Polish coming up Kevin and they will try to get me off the ledge with the bears no I don't think that's possible well we'll find out all right but first Dave Chicago stories told twenty four seven on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in the news sponsored by town stone financial here stickers and it gave thanks good morning everyone it's sixty eight degrees in Chicago on our way maybe to seventy four today a new study shows more than sixteen thousand Chicago public school students did not have a permanent place to live during the last school year they were homeless WGN's Pam Jones reports a study released yesterday by the Chicago coalition for the homeless shows many homeless students stayed in shelters motels or even cars during the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen school year members of the coalition are pushing for a one point two percent increase in the real estate transfer tax to generate funds to reduce homelessness it would apply to properties worth more than a million dollars advocates say could raise about one hundred fifty million dollars that could be used to address the situation Pam Jones WGN news page county judge is expected today to rule on whether a controversy all medical sterilization plant in Willowbrook can re open storage annex was shut down by the EPA in February after testing showed the facility with releasing the cancer causing chemical ethylene oxide into the air as a result more than thirty lawsuits have been filed against the company after menacing the coast of.

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