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I'm Steve Green Fields. Dramatic video clips of the January 6th attack of the U. S Capitol or playing a big role in the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump. NBC's Peter Alexander. Reports. Democrats opening with a graphic 13 minute video montage reliving the horrors of January, 6. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not gonna have a country anymore, mixing, in the words of Mr Trump with clips from the crowd. Supporters calling out his name, edited videos played Tuesday featured comments at the former commander in chief made at a huge rally before the Capitol assault, along with videos from inside and outside the building, Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin said. If that's not an impeachable event, then there is no such thing, He argued. Trump's trial is justified and is backed up by quote, cold, hard facts and quote. A series of manhole explosions in Queens chased several residents out of their buildings. Yesterday cover exploded in about 3 P.m. on Broadway by 32nd Street, sparking a fire before one down. The street broke out in flames as well a card in parks right over by one of those manholes, and the explosion caused the vehicle to lose its fender officials say The blast is caused by road salt mixed with the underground system, which is aging. At this point, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is continuing to tour different vaccines. Sites checking out a clinic in Somerset County on Tuesday. James Flipping is more Murphy met with staff members and watched as the second dose vaccinations were administered to several people at the meth E Me Medical and Education Center Clinic and Peapack and Gladstone..

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