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The LBC. It's kind of hard behind my fault people welcome back. CBS Sports radio Because he didn't follow me with a Tom Han. If it filling in for the afternoon. We are just about 4 40. We're here until six p.m. Eastern time. And we got the phone lines open as well. Hit a soft at 855 to 1 to 4 to 27855 to 1 to 4. CBS. Call us up, Man. There's a whole lot of preseason football games on the summer League basketball. Anything you want to talk about. I mean, you talked to Tom talks, some wrestling as well. There's a whole There's no there's absolutely I'm so we We went this long as we started at two PM Eastern, and we haven't talked about wrestling like how we met, you know, but yeah, I'm shocked about that. But, yeah, call in call in man questions 855212. For CBS. We're here until six p.m.. It's our first time. Kind of doing this together. Up in the Quicken. Look, Rocket mortgage studios. There you go. Wow, that would have been terrible. And doesn't the president last fiver there? Uh, talking it up, man. And I appreciate Matt for holding us down and playing some great tunes to get us out of the break. You know that song, though? Yeah, I know that I played Grand Health Auto five a lot as you can imagine. So, uh, no, I know that song. For sure. I know a handful of of the rap snoop Snoop is Snoop Dog is everyone's I would hope everyone sort of like a B CS to wrap right cultural icon. At this point, he transcends the genre. He's like there's rap music. And then there's snoop. You know, like he's the one dude that I don't know. If you watch the peacocks show that he had with, uh Kevin Hart. It was called Olympic highlights. And it was basically Snoop Dogg's Take, like Did you watch the trailer stuff? When he was like calling? The truck stuff was amazing. And I talked about unorthodox commentary. He should be on a lot of stuff. I'd love to see Marshawn Lynch on a lot of stuff. Oh, my God. But yeah, always that but for the Olympics, and Kevin Hart was his co host. So again, this is a family show. For that time of commentary. That's that was so I think it's fun on on the on the channel, so go check that out. If you get a chance to, um, like we said earlier today, there's a lot of preseason football long. It's great. We're what we're watching the monitor right now. It's great to see fans back in the stadiums packing these things out. Be safe. I mean, yes. Please be safe. Please do what you gotta do to, you know, not spread this in terrible, terrible diseases. Pandemic. Just do what you gotta do, man, please. You know you don't got to hear the spill for me. You already know what's going on. You know the score by now, But let's talk about quarterbacks. Let's talk about well, so we talked about that Prescott. Let's keep things in the NFC East, because, uh, the world's most entertaining division entertain. Yeah, that's a great way to put it. Let's talk about that, and I've mentioned a couple times now on the show. I'm a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. Um, I have no earthly idea what to expect from the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Wow. I have optimism with Jalen hurts. I liked what I saw from him The back end of last season tonight say that Meekly because there was some stuff that was really questionable and some other stuff that was like the little flashes of brilliance that you saw at Oklahoma and Alabama. The season hinges on Jalen Hurts. Um, the the offense is again. There's promised there you have some guys, obviously Devante Smith going in the first round. I was gonna be my next question. He's day to day with an injury at the moment, So you expect him to be fine once September rolls around. But after him, it's Zach Ertz and then jail in rigor. And Greg Ward Jr like the receiving corps is not stellar. Dallas got hurt. Shout out to him. He's somebody who wants to get paid like a top 10 tight end like the Cowboys, I'll believe it When I see it. Love Dallas got it, but still And then the defense is aging along the defensive line, but still talented. A secondary that actually looks okay on paper better than okay, but they often go out there and don't perform that way. So They could finish dead last in the NFC East. They could finish third. They could finish this high second. I don't see them winning it, right. I still on paper and probably gonna pick Washington. And even that I don't feel great about because Dallas on paper as well. Looks okay. I just know the Giants aren't winning the division. Right? So I'm going to tell you what the Giants are winning the division. Okay, um, again, this is all going to lay on the hands in the back. Of C Quam Barkley and Daniel Jones, right, Um, again before before I get into the Giants. I'll concede you talk about your eagles. Uh, Jalen hurts. I mean, you know, Granted, he didn't necessarily have the best finished this season. But there were flashes there. There are moments where, Just like, Okay. Like you can see why this guy was who he was in Oklahoma and Bama. And you know, he showed a little bit better armed that I think was kind of advertised. I think the knock on Jalen hurts coming out of college was that he wasn't necessarily the thrower that tool time Nebiolo was, and that's kind of why he blue, not blue, but almost blew the national championship game where he played one of the most absolute worst halves. You can never see anybody play up in that position. And, um, you know, grand if he got to go to Oklahoma and rebuild his draft, stock and kind of like, get his reputation back, But there's been that flash there with Jalen hurts. That makes you think that he can be the due to, you know, lead this franchise..

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