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Maintenance truly coming down to self esteem and that is timeless. True isn't it again in. Nineteen eighty eight oprah announced that she lost sixty seven pounds in four months. Thanks to a liquid protein diet. Remember that wagon of fat that she pulled out on the stage. Remember her coming out in like a black shirt yet. She's looking so the end realize yeah. Yeah i remember that did she. She pulled out a wagon with her fat that she has lost. Yeah it was like a wagon of animal fat of like chunks of white fat to to say look at all those lost during a body. Yeah that's disgusting. So we didn't know at the time that she used up too fast. Okay we've found out later. This is a liquid diet program that replaces every meal with the drink providing only four hundred twenty calories a day. that's now so this became super trendy because of oprah's influence and eventually op fast. Was you know. Very famous chef received thousands hundreds of thousands of calls. She you know she's should maker trendsetter marijuana say in two thousand and five oprah acknowledged that liquid diet was a big mistake. Yeah and now she. I mean she knows she recanted. She did as well she should. And the way back of course of course them. All these things are not available day. I feel something we hopefully have learned. I know so a jenny. Craig found her weight. Loss brand in nineteen eighty three and it is still around today. Because i was looking up her stuff amalgamating notices on every time. I open my phone for jenny craig. I'm sorry why. Did you put your information that i didn't like they can tell searching on the. Yeah so this program. The jenny craig program is known for offering one on support coaching and prepackaged frozen meals. Which is that. The meals are convenient balanced and portion controlled. Yes but i was looking at the ingredients now which i can only imagine back then. Were not even high-quality. Picking already but these ingredients. I would never like as a nutrition person recommend anybody to eat the ones that are even in today's packages yes. Meaning i mean there's like zanthosyn. Gum gorgon canola. Oil is in which we are manufactured oil. Tell us a little more about canola in our bonus episode. Manish liu so it's the second episode area feed. Yeah so if you want to hear more cow split for you So anyway ingredients not so great to be better could be better but could it like with these prepackaged frozen meals. How it's hard to prepackaged meal healthy. I mean lots of people try. And i'm sure jenny craig is trying absolutely. Can you see you to add preservatives. Still have to add these things. You is yeah you must be shelf stable. Yeah so while convenient on the program is expensive. There's a ninety nine dollars enrollment fee plus the cost of meals are anywhere from like fifteen to twenty two dollars a day.

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