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As safe as you are right now. But when you get a nut job like this statistical data makes no difference. I mean, this guy was wired up. On dope on math, Sheriff Judd said. The man tried to take a gun from a police officer at the hospital where the suspect is being treated for a gunshot wound. Seven people were injured in Georgia when a man with a gun opened fire into a crowd of people earlier this morning. The shooting happened in downtown Athens after a large fight broke out. The injuries to the seven are not considered life threatening. Police are searching for a 21 year old man whom they consider a suspect. America is listening. Fox News And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen Kribel. In my rural community. There were two wonderful little pack shops that catered to local horse owners. But our local economic development council offered cats breaks the lure a national train to our town and the big store put both local jobs out of business. Hands all over America compete to attract jobs by enticing new businesses, often with tax waivers, Freeland and other subsidies, none of them available to people who have lived there for years. Is that fair? We all understand the need for more jobs, but its economic development officials When look through the lens of liberty, they would know that this may sound good at a ribbon cutting ceremony, but in the long term It undermines the principle of equality and diminishes the whole community. For more information, go to lens of liberty dot org that lens of liberty dot org Digital was a publicly traded company, whose shares and bank accounts were eventually frozen. Five Apple Daily editors and executives were arrested as part of the National Security investigation. All Stevens Fox News NASCAR Cup Series race Just getting it away the famous track in South Carolina Foxes man Napolitano with more the round of 16 under the lights at Darlington Raceway in the cookout Southern 500 as Kyle Larson enters atop the standings as the regular season champ in the NASCAR Cup series, just a Cool spot to be in and it's been a lot of hard work to get to this point. And and now we've got a great opportunity to go chase the championship. Larson starting in sixth for this evening's run at Darlington, with Ryan blaming on the pole for the Lady in Black. The Southern 500, the first of three races before the playoff field gets slimmed down to 12 winner at Darlington clinches a bid in the next round. Amanda Polyta,.

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