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Trust them off and for some very good reasons and really came to believe that i if you really wanted to move the needle on the challenges people were facing in their own financial life and uh the challenges that that men for for all these individuals in the country who needed better financial options you needed a financial firm that people can trust that had its customers best interests at heart every day i and i am one that really was built around at helping people will make money in and make a difference and you know for us it aspiration that that trust backers sold or uh would we do is is we have our our business model and the'structured what we call hey what is fair and so the customer decide what to pay us if they wanna pass zero for any of our products they could be euro uh get treated the same as any other customer it's it's up to them to decide lindh's up to us to earn that fee if they think we deserves our level they should pay us uh but we see the great majority people choosing to pay which which hopeless showed when a really good job for people but it also means that people can trust as the is were always going to be working to make them happy and and so happy that they're choosing the pales towel i love the idea that you know what do you think is the future of you know this finn tech a revolution when it comes to banking what what are you what are you sir planning for envisioning down the line.

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