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Let's head to Lenny from Long Beach. What's good Lenny? What's your trade from the LBC? We're we're we don't have on the Lakers franchise right now be able to make any type of move. So the first thing we're going to do we're gonna trade Luke Walton for a bag of dirt. Does. And the second thing that we're trying to do is. We're gonna go ahead and trade our hopes and dreams from the purple and gold go to the deep pocket Steve ball the greatness of the logo Jerry West way. The quiet Leonard's come in and set our sailed high for the clipper nation to rise up with our great anybody. Let. You really came in as a sleep, right? That your Lakers guiding you switched it over to the clippers. I mean that was a pretty that was crazy. I don't even know how to anthrax at that. I do like beef jerky. I'm telling you. That's why Lakers are scrambling to make a move these. Clippers fans are getting louder by the day acres fans. Don't like that at all. Respect unim- clippers band Lenny. You you the real MVP so far today? Let's go to Destin in my hometown of Houston. What's good, Dustin? What's your trade? Hey, you mentioned the wizards weren't going to take mode. So I wanted to do you think about Eric Gordon Tokar to the wizard or Bradley Beal Trevor REEs, you might have to? Ooh. Do you know what is not happening? That's because. Boy, is it the best friendship here. Because. Can't go. Apparently. Right. I'm saying I'm saying basically, Bradley Beal's, basically untradable right now in a good way for wizards fans because he is playing at such a high level with John wall out he is probably one of their loan trade assets. And if you're ever going to go down the road of of trading Br Bradley Beal you're going to get multiple ones back. You're going to get probably get a a really good young player there. I I don't see the value of and like PJ Tucker, and Eric Gordon, but that that for Bradley Beal and Trevor REEs. Just doesn't make sense. I mean. Yeah. When you call you say, we've got Eric Gordon, and we got PJ Tucker. And it's for Bradley before you get to you got a dial tone there, max, Kade trek. I mean, this is he is he is the guy there. It's why John wall can't handle it because it's Bradley, Jordan. You know, what happened? You know, it happened in the front office of Daryl Morey called you'd put them on. You put him on mute, and you get all your guys in all your fucking. You'd have a laugh track going on you guys got to hear this gotta finish your sandwich later getting here, you got to hear what you can imagine the quiet laugh happening. Let's go to Gregory in cincy, Gregory future shot. What's your trade? Utah Jazz fair trade is to get my colleague give up Derrick favors Dante Exum in Grayson Allen. Interesting a lot of players with potential. I think that's workable. That is workable that might be the winner of the night, so far that is a basketball trade that I think Mike saints sense for both sides has never been a free agent destination. I know you get Conley for a couple more years. And he's starting. Yes. He's getting up there in age, but he needs to change of scenery Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley back.

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