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I think we're still a long ways from getting there But the there's a there's a new kind of ownership that this creates that That allows people to share in digital creativity without being locked down without being. You know onerous on. Have you know bragging. Rights have ownership end investment. Still and. There's nothing wrong with speculative assets. Here there's nothing wrong with saying you know i'm gonna. I'm going to pick up some early versions of this and you know big fan. Maybe i'm investor. Maybe you know. Sort of like an investor right. Maybe i'm going to sell this stuff later on that. Nothing wrong with that either. I think it's too early to say all the things that it could be used for. But what i try to do with nfc. Because it's easy to take potshots at it. It's easy to poke holes in what won't work with it. But would i try to look at is but what benefits from proof of ownership. yeah it's not gonna stop you from copying something no. It's not going to stop somebody from taking a screenshot but that's not really what it's good for. It's good for proving you paid for this right. And what are the other things they can do if you got ideas. If you're like wait. That gives me an idea feedback. Daily news show dot com. Know what it is Well you might think that smart bulbs are pretty smart but the site next act posted pretty smart little project it was an eye trod free smart. Led bulb a kid has bulbs a lot of companies do and it was running doom. The game had to be modified to run on the light. Bulbs one hundred eight kilobytes of ram. Yeah what it was with. An actual display in game buttons added to the bulbs. Mgm to ten. L. r f board. However don't get too excited. The post was subsequently removed with next posting. It had a request to remove this post and all public material. I wonder who requested that. It wasn't can thank of can't think of oh kia but it's just hacking the bold come on i kia. This is it. that's amazing. No that i don't know that for a fact we shouldn't. We shouldn't throw a kia under. It's very tiny bus yet. But if you've done anything like this we do wanna hear we really do. Do not delay. Mls right now at feedback at daily tech new show dot com in fact emails with any questions or comments on anything that year on our shows are discussions with our guests. Something we might talk about on a future show in anything in between we also like to chat patrons at our master and grandmaster levels including irwin. Stir kevin hayes and philip shane today. We also have a brand new boss gaurav pie. Who just started back in on patriots course right now at this very moment glorifies my favorite person in the world. Tomorrow got us back on. Maybe it'd be although we're still going to be in the then you're just gonna have to people tomorrow maybe three. Well i'll have four thousand nine hundred sixty or whatever people really. But he's my favorite. It's it's a great club to join. Thank you so much. Thanks to all our patrons also thanks christian control for being with us today christian. Where can people find what you're up to day-to-day thanks for having me Christian cantrell dot com. You can find my books and other things that i'm up to and.

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