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So this is right. Cooter on the prodigal son album and with Robert Francis on the base. Robert was with us in a few months ago out of the shot. His mind was not to obey. Interesting to have a dad. Like I said he was. So how's kind of the idol of somebody like Eric Clapton? Robert Francis got to go to one of the crossroads guitar events. Who will. We were talking a couple weeks ago with Kemo Kemo, also a participant and One or more of the air Clapton crossroads guitar events. Well, his fun song him Cool circle. They got great family opportunity for all these people to sit around and just make music. All right, we'll take a break and we'll come back after the national news here at the top of the hour. Dr. Veronica Garcia will talk to Joel Alberts, who brought Cat meow to Sanofi recently. The, uh, the Internet virtually brought Captain Town talk to Senator Peter Worth and pretty sure about three o'clock. Find out what happened. Will be one day special session today. Hopefully get a lot of people in New Mexico, some unemployment and then Dr Wendy Johnson, Medical director La Familia Medical Center at 3 30 Day. Want to reach me? You want to be on the show? Email.

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