Senate, DOJ, Rosen Cedar Rosenstein discussed on Rush Limbaugh


We don't know if sessions would have you know rosenstein winter we buckled to pray you know who asked for the special counsel democrats who are the minority in the house and the senate near their berating the doj berating rosen cedar rosenstein in komi by the way facilitated this by leaking memos that he had written about this he's got this friend named benjamin wynn he's at some website or whatever and komi said that he wanted muller appointed special counsel after trump fired him so he leaked some memos to his lawyer buddy and those memos then did trigger the need somewhere for a special counsel and they all got what was your theory of sessions had been there when all this happened then wouldn't have happened right because roy i'm called amin malo was appointed after sessions had recused himself of course absolutely right why can't you you you may have a point but can i ask you one other thing thank you you said when i greeted you you said you were told to get straight to the point and you did but it implied there was something you wanted to say other than the point is there anything else you wanted to ask her or discuss too much focusing on komi to me he's like a wide on somebody's nose i mean he's just so unimportant and the same thing i think with komi and i think also with muller okay they have such a a background of failing when prospect and prosecuting people that in some cases i wish the news media and even fox news would concentrate on what they have done in the past i think some of what they have done.

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