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To have how to have speed within the within the game and i think guys that have played different sports and and understand how to play whatever game that they're playing it it's just a different level of skill set that goes into it it's not all about measurable 's it's you know speaking of all the nba draft this coming up it's not all about measurable is not all about your shuttle time or whatever it is about what you do in the context of a game and that's why someone like donovan mitchell may not have the you know the best measurable 's last year at the nba draft but you watch them play the game of basketball and you know he knows how to do things and he knows how to use what he has and the skills that he has to to be a superstar so that's always good news and let's talk about we we have the the summertime obviously we're on summer vacation a lot of people are you know trying to figure out what they want to do in this dead period of sports obviously the nba draft once that's over we really hit the dog days of summer but you have some recommendations for what coaches should do on their summer vacation i think i learned this a long time ago henry kissinger senator's memoirs when you go to washington you bar on the intellectual power you bring you can't renew it once you're there and the nfl is a little bit like that if you're an assistant coach like my son's or anybody eat oh this next four weeks of probably the only time you're going to develop and grow yourself as a person as a father as a husband as anything as a leader in all those things and you got and the only way to do it is to read you know i mean warren warren buffett reached five hundred pages of bay i mean he's got a lot of time to read but he reads it i mean he makes time to read an hour a day two hours a day george raveling one of my heroes of all time i've talked to you about coach wrath if anybody wants to learn about coaching follow coach raveling newsletter every week it comes out every saturday morning fabulous men reads all day long.

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