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And of course we just got off the phone with a trooper rick johnson and he says this is a very active situation of not only on land i mean like on the ground right now but also in the air news partners over a cairo seven do have a crew out there in the latest info that i received from our reporter is that a washington state patrol has emphasized this is not a drive by this appeared to be shot from a fixed position for those of you that are out in that area so again both directions of five oh nine shutdown between one hundred and sixty sixtieth and moins memorial drive this puts added pressure on southbound i five to get around the closure on five nine so drivers at a buren and heading to normandy park are not going to be able to access that unless you use of an issue there too now let's talk about what this has done to southbound i five because when you shut down southbound five oh nine you're going to have to find a way to kind of get out to the backside of sea tac airport so southbound i five is difficult down boeing field and heading out towards one eight where you're not going to be able to access des moines memorial drive there at one eighty eight that is shut down for command post also hearing from king county sheriff's office that they are working within investigation and a crash this is on military road where peasley canyon meets up there are three sheriff officers out there right now so northbound military road is closed in that area rain squall moved in made a mess over on the east side bellevue to tukwila is running at about fifty two minutes traffic brought to you by michael's toyota excuse me michael's subaru bellevue part of the family owned michael's automotive group for the life you live off i ninety eight eastgate or online at michael's subaru dot com kiro radio realtime traffic i'm tracy taylor.

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