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The video we watch as a still unidentified Seattle police officer attempts to subdue a man already on the ground by placing his knee to the back of the suspect's neck that elicited this reaction from bystanders this is partner must've realized this was a bad move with terrible timing we watch as the second officer grabs the first officer's leg and jerked it back off the suspect's neck the New York Post has not yet heard about its request for comment from Seattle police and now that the video circulating more will likely want to know why this technique something decried by training officers across the country was still in place Saturday night Brian Calvert komo news more than a dozen businesses in Auburn were targeted by an organized group of looters Sunday night in with a protest planned tonight at city hall there business owners are being warned to board up lock up anything fees might come for as we hear from couples calling Johnson Sunday night a dozen businesses were targeted by an organized group of looters same guys they believe ahead of south center and in Renton no arrests were made in Auburn but a protest is planned tonight at six o'clock at city hall city leaders are worried about potentially more break ins over telling business owners to lock up valuables put up metal gates if possible and keep merchandise out of you Robert mayor Nancy Backus says she's sad for business owners and for the people trying to get a peaceful message across it hurts my heart for the reason that there are people protest and then those who choose to take advantage and abuse the true meaning of the protest for their own benefit Robert has brought in additional officers right team members and swat members should they be needed Carly Johnson komo news straight ahead network news reporter feels the fire in Seattle I'm Corwin hate with her response heard nationwide ten Florida Tuesday mid day and updating traffic for you here's Kierra Jordan what's happened well we're looking at pretty easy travels right now but I do want to let you know that in the next hour we have a protest March that's set to begin in Seattle so this is going to start at Benaroya hall it will travel along fourth and fifth to the opera house at Seattle center so this will cause road closures and delays so you'll want to put off the travel plans along that route again that'll start at eleven o'clock this morning No Way have an opening of the hood canal bridge scheduled to begin at about ten fifteen AM bridge work currently taking place today on U. S. as you as you're traveling between index in fact how much the traffic is having the alternate through a couple of areas and that's creating some short delays our next come traffic at.

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