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Minutes from now i had a couple things if you missed it late last night the steelers eked out a win against the ravens knell eleven into the eagles may lose carson wins for the season with a knee injury now there's going to be an mri today now i had knowledge of somebody who was on the ground at the game and soul the reaction of the coaching staff and some of the medical people and they were shaking their head as if to say it's not good whence was putting up a good front tweeted out about thanks for your prayers but if you've been injured like this you know if it's serious or not it's not one of those where ugo name maybe it's just a sprained my feeling is and having done this one time when i was running in central park and all of a sudden i said to somebody as running with i just tore ligaments and they said how do you know that i said i just did and that's just jogging i'm going to guess carson went knowing his body when something happens like that he knows if it's a sprain or he knows if it some four more serious than that but uh they'll find out later today even if it's a sprain best case scenario maybe it's for three games maybe you get that by week and then so he'd have a month off before he would come back and then there's a chance for that nick folz nick falls had one unbelievable season with chip kelly's offense 27 touchdowns two interceptions but i don't know if we look at him anywhere we shouldn't look at him likely due course in once carson wentz in watching that most of that game yesterday is a different kind of quarterback he's really really really good and watching with tony dungy and rodney harrison the things that he was doing in the pocket tough now i don't like when these quarterbacks try to take on these defensive backs i don't care how big you are and we've seen this with andrew luck we've seen it with cam newton they eventually get you in you pay the price that happened yesterday when he tried to take on a mark baron the linebacker for the rams and may have paid a seasonending price there but.

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