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Roll. These are the brilliant listeners. Who keep the show going by sending US their ideas? Questioned mystery sounds drawings and high fives from Willowbrook Illinois. Sloan from Boise Idaho Mason from SUMMERVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA ASEF from Chapel Hill North Carolina. Elena from Chicago Greta from Australia core from East Montpelier Vermont Richard and Lisa from Los Angeles Nico from Portland Oregon. Sky From those altos. California Raya from Singapore McKenna From Indianapolis Jessica from Medford Massachusetts Henry from Ogden. Utah Gabriella from Stockholm Sweden. Max From Cambridge United Kingdom Irs and Malcolm from Lagrange Park Illinois. When a Fred from Los Angeles Jasper Formato Springs? Colorado Bethany from Utah Nathan from surprise Arizona Isaac and Abigail From Jasper. Emma will from acton Massachusetts Caitlyn from Canberra Australia. Oliver and Harry from Sydney Australia. Quinton from Pittsburgh Martin from Saint Paul Minnesota Josephine from Bellingham Washington Owen from Salt Lake City. Utah Savvy from Vista California. Brek enforced from Arkansas France. Soren from Austin Texas Valerie from Cambridge Ontario Leah from State College Pennsylvania Josephine Eva from Seattle. A date yet from Port Washington Wisconsin Lydia from Fitchburg Wisconsin Ria and Sonya from Avondale Pennsylvania. Audrey and Kaitlyn from Bossier City Louisiana Daphne from Fairfield Connecticut L. and Mike from Lake City Texas Campbell from Plant City Florida. Kaya from summers with New Hampshire Franny from Charlotte North Carolina Kitson from Bucharest. Jonathan from Stony Point New York harbor from Santa Cruz California blithe from Ohio eighteen from London England. Aena from Houston Ethan from Falcon Heights. Minnesota Felix from Waterloo Michigan Walter and Arvid from Saint Paul Minnesota Van and Elliot From Sandy Utah and Radic from Columbia Missouri.

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