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1203, welcome in to Wednesday, December 21st, 2022, the first official day of winter. It is 40° and sunny right now, temperatures will be in the 40s today. Good afternoon, I'm Debra Feinstein. And I'm more glorious with the top local stories we're following this hour, better get out and get your errands done today if you can. A blast of Arctic air is coming in a couple of days. Now here's what we're learning tomorrow, a winter weather advisory has been issued for Frederick county, Maryland, and western loudon and foggier counties in Virginia. The bitter, the coldest air is expected to arrive Friday afternoon heading into Christmas weekend for the entire region. Storm team four's Mike stenner says it will all start as a steady rain tomorrow afternoon with those temperatures plummeting on Friday afternoon. With the winds, we can see a windshield temperature is in the single digits, also some temperatures below zero in the windshield category across the northern and western suburbs. The D.C. metro and the I 95 corridor will drop below freezing between one and 2 o'clock on Friday, which means wet roads will freeze quickly, likely causing conditions to deteriorate. There could be a brief period of snow, but accumulations of more than an inch or unlikely. Due to the because of the heavy rains tomorrow, road crews will not be able to pretreat roads. So it's best to stay home next to the fireplace by the time Friday evening rolls around. Now, airlines are bracing for the weather to affect holiday travel, and they are giving out a flight waivers in anticipation of canceled flights so that folks will be able to rebook. Keep it here on WTO, we'll bring you more every ten minutes with traffic and weather on the aches. Well, several child sex abuse victims and prince George's county have gotten justice this month. After prosecutors announced multiple convictions over the last two weeks. Prince George's county state's attorney Aisha

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