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Teammate Forecast of the top 30 past each hour on news radio w F L A Partly cloudy skies for the first half of the day. But those rain chances will increase for the second half. There's a 60% chance of intense downpours with frequent lightning and gusty winds. I continues past sunset. Highs today at 91 before the storms, and we dropped down to 76 degrees overnight. Tomorrow There's a 50% chance of late day thunderstorms with a high of 92 out on the water today, southeast wind becoming southwest 10 knots and sees it too feet. Um Axe, uh, venerate meteorologist Li Span. The UV index is six right now. Partly cloudy 79 degrees in ST Petersburg, 76 in Newport, Richie and 75 at your severe weather station news radio fella. Next update at 7 15 on Chris Trunk man. You're listening to am Tampa Bay on news radio. Tell you F L A good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay with Jack Aaron. Natalie and Katie. And of course, good to have you on board from time to time here. 809 699352. We got Mayor Jane Castor coming on here in a minute, anyway. We do? We sure do. So, let's get into the traffic right now. With Daniella Dorsey from the Maas Nissan Traffic Center. We're still looking at those heavy delays in downtown Tampa.

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