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Twenty to thirty one to sixty five and two interceptions third down little more than ten for the Spartans just inside the twenty yard line of Maryland Brownlow working has cyber back with them to protect has mostly in Cody white to the right Julian Barnett short side left it wasn't on the one on the right snap back to Brian right side throw Hamza to mostly mostly with the catch at the fifty needs to the fourteen yard line these five yards short of a first down Antoine Brooks junior with the stop that cop is going to come on to try to tie the game again he missed earlier from forty five on the other end IBM barely display in tight quarters coverage right there your guys the plan the sticks plan right at the first down marker keeping everything in front of them thirty seven yard try for Kaghan he's made from forty and thirty six and miss from forty five it's on the way yes and the score is tied at sixteen with nine and a half to go in the game kick right there huge huge right through the uprights for mad cow good Hey he struggles of this season but that is a clutch field goal there Michigan state sixteen Maryland sixty nine and a half to go in the game a listing of foxsports presentation.

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