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Degrees right now, our next update at seven. Rick, you Gino NewsRadio 700 wlw Way We've got a big day in the block again today again today. I don't see that every day because some days it's kind of lame, But today it's pretty good. I have for your perusal. Certainly the mug shot of the day. That would be the guy who stole the ambulance and wrecked it. Now I also have so far this year, the mug shot of the year. The lady who was in a stolen car and said that the man gave it to her in exchange for sex. I'm telling you, you got to see the tattoo across her collarbone. Compare that to her face and her story in her life. Mug shot of the year to date. And where order half months into it. We'll see if you can hold the title. Check him out my page 700 wlw dot com. Hey, Alexa, What's everyone talking about? Getting 700 w l w from my heart radio. This is e. I love to flip burgers on my new shark. Oh grill but money. Is an even bigger thrills. It's time for the Bloomberg market Minute. 700 WLW. The cost of raw materials is so high right now that the third largest chicken producer in the country is considering shelving plans to build a new processing plant. Sanders and Farms is one of the first companies to signal it could pause plans for expansion as the price of everything from lumber to steal skyrockets, driving up construction costs, shortages in the computer chip industry or getting Even worse, complicating the economy's recovery from the pandemic. The problem has already slammed Automakers and consumer Electron IX company's new research from Susquehanna Financial shows wait times in April entered what the firm calls the danger zone at just over four months to get chips, and if you are sitting on a mountain of unused frequent flyer miles, it could cost you the consumer finance site value. Penguin says airlines looking to shore up their ballots sheets could reduce the value of those rewards or Reinstate policies that allow miles or points to expire. Gina serve Eddie Bloomberg Radio. Thompson grabbing 6 40. They're Juggy. We could do that to check out the babe on the blogged. Always always a lady always.

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