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One gamely alone is where a dynasty that in fact that they won one hundred sixty in game one seeing what an is right now like the yankees will winning allott inadequate that's what i'm saying they put the dodgers who have got to that the air before we can start giving rails intimacy and they're the best ev they just don't have that they don't have that yankees type team in their way they don't really yankees the when the temperature i'm just say they don't have that type that team that won rian arroyo whatever out of five arrival were was there's not that dynastic team there right now number three two two thousand one st louis rams to mvp's thirty one points per game ross of the patriots 2017 tom brady khmer old tommy terrific there was the israeli that was buying almost begging you allegedly religion antoine smith number two the 2007 new england patriots your favorite team on average about thirty seven points per game you fraser tennis things new york giants loss of you know i wanted him play like five games a year i went to fiveunder games a year yeah deify was the greatest thing you've ever seen no no even though they were undefeated in ah given you like learning seventy game i'll tell you i'll tell you off air in we can have another conversation about pyrite a number one that the brass t in a regular season anyway to have so much turn on paper now win at all that's right george your golden state warriors.

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