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No description is available of the vehicle that hit the man the White House has released a memo summarizing president trump's controversial phone call with Ukraine's leader in July the White House has released a memo summarizing president trump's controversial phone call with Ukraine's leader in July the summary shows the president repeatedly prodded his Ukrainian counterpart to work with personal lawyer Rudy guiliani and Attorney General William Barr to investigate political rival Joe Biden the president was talking about unsubstantiated allegations that blighted tried to interfere with the Ukrainian prosecutors probe of son hunter saying quote it sounds horrible to me the president's been insisting for days he did nothing wrong on the call it was a perfect all the intelligence community's watchdog believe the call could be a campaign finance violations the president's seeking political help the justice department says it found no violation soccer make Donnie Washington Nevada's lone Republican in Washington says he doesn't support the start of an impeachment inquiry against president trump is criticizing his democratic counterparts for calling for such a move because of the president's actions toward Ukraine hours after Democrats Susie Lee and Stephen Horsford said they'd support starting impeachment U. S. representative mark am today said the Democrats were making the president's actions and issue before Congress was able to investigate all price growth has slowed nationally and in Las Vegas but southern Nevada still outpaces most big cities when it comes to price growth home prices in the Las Vegas area increased four point seven percent year over year in July compared with a three point two percent national growth that gives Las Vegas the second fastest price growth Phoenix was number one according to the S. and P. CoreLogic case Shiller index California is wrapping up an effort to combat invasive a swamp road they are called nutria may have webbed feet white whiskers shaggy fur and orange Buck teeth John McCain with California fish and wildlife as they thought they got rid of them in the nineteen seventies this year were returning and we found that there are still a few Nutri here and they multiply McCain's colleague Greg Kurstin says nutrients eight the equivalent of about a fourth of their weight each day once they become very widespread and and an extremely high numbers they will create major damage on to levy stand and vegetation how do they get rid of nutrients most of our trapping efforts as with live traps and we're using base one farmer in central California describe new tree is as ugly looking things find it.

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