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Austin city council meets twice next week we'll be talking about the homeless camping issue don't expect to see anything drastic the city council and mayor of all indicated that despite the growing public frustration over campsites popping up all over Austin they have no plan to reverse their decision they made earlier this summer and in fact councilmember Natasha harbor Madison's now accusing critics of the camping ordinance of spreading a misinformation campaign of fear so at most councils really expected to just hammer out a compromise between the role dueling proposals one of which calling for a ban on camping in certain places like downtown west campus the other speaking only requirement that just a little extra space be allowed on sidewalks was not to impede foot traffic that Gabor newsradio kill the jet superintendent of the haze school districts as teen vaping is a major issue Dr Eric Reid says dozens of vaping devices were confiscated last year he tells KXAN teachers don't really know what to look for and the kids are vaping right there in the class is alarming in it and tells me that we need to take some action we need to be proactive and we need to to help kids really worked through the situation of the students were caught last year the numbers are even higher in Leander which had five hundred fourteen vaping incidents last year by the first of next month the Austin fire department will be operating out of a new temporary station on one thirty near peer slaying the council freed up money for a FDC to repurpose an old toll booth fire union president Bob nextel CBS Austin this will save homeowners a lot of money who saw other insurance rates skyrocket in bed all forms of about a hundred homes that insurance rates have gone up a thousand dollars a year because the fire station so far away from their location any says response time should go way down the city of Austin sets aside another fifteen million dollars to build more welfare housing in total James may with the city's neighborhood housing and community development office says if all goes well and the builders. follow through this will make for three hundred affordable housing units all of our programs are reimbursement processes so the developer starts the ground breaking and then when they start expending funds today send us the receipts we reimburse them through their lan the selected developments will see more than a hundred and forty housing units in district seven and about a hundred and twenty in district three John Cooley newsradio kale BJ seven oh four here's Austin's on time traffic.

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