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Chapman this one too. On the ground. I grabbed by Walker flips to Chapman. Game over wildcard game win. John sterling he used to come on shows with when I worked in New York, and he's the nicest guy, his call is such a signature calls Yankees went so Yankees and Red Sox, I postseason meetings since two thousand and four. And to me, it's one of the most bitter rivalries in all of sports. And if you and because I did live back there for a while. I because I wanted to experience that I wasn't. I wasn't actually I was covering I guess the Yankees. But I went to see the Red Sox playing Yankees territory that went to Fenway to see the play and Red Sox territory, and it is nasty. I mean, it can get nasty with the crowds when you have opposing. Let's say routers in the unfriendly confines on either side of that rivalry. But they're gonna play each other first time since two thousand and four. Hey, thanks to everybody who participated in nail the score. You are locked and loaded. We will announce who one our weekly prize. I'll do that the next time around on my Thursday into Friday and weekend show. And thank you to everybody else for listening to this hour of America tonight. Keep it real peeps. Hi, this is Gordon Deal Monday on this morning. America's First News update on Brett Kavanagh.

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