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Today we're covering the execution of Catherine Howard Queen of England. Let's go back to London. On the morning of February thirteenth. Fifteen forty two the day before Valentine's Valentine's Day Catherine Howard's alabaster skin was was even paler than usual as she was led from inside the Tower of London to Tower Green a small secluded patch of grass. It's used for the execution of nobles away from the prying eyes of commoners and spectators. She was terrified and week. It took two guards to lead her up a small scaffold onto the platform where the executioner awaited as the charges against her were read aloud allowed. The guards held Catherine up by her elbows but then Catherine collected herself instead of pleading or crying. She stated that she desired all Christian people to take regard onto her worthy and just punishment. She stepped away from the guard supporting hands then. She knelt calmly almost elegantly and placed her neck on on the chopping block. She was poised and dignified in fact she practiced for this moment the night before. While locked in the Tower Tower of London she had requested a model of the chopping block that would be used she wanted to learn how best to place herself upon it but but no amount of poise could stop the inevitable with one fell swoop. The executioner brought down on his acts Catherine Howard the former queen of England and wife of Henry. The eighth was dead. It was an untimely passing. Catherine's exact age has never been confirmed but by most accounts she was still a teenager in fifteen forty two charming beautiful and full of life unfortunately uh when it came to matters of infidelity no amount of charm or beauty could save a woman from the capricious vengeful wrath of Henry Henry. The eighth in fact one of Henry's previous wives the infamous and Berlin had been beheaded after facing similar accusations nations King Henry. The eighth was not one to take sexual dalliances lightly in other people anyway even dalliances that took place before he was in the picture Henry. The eighth was an insecure ego maniac almost thirty years older than Catherine and despite his numerous wives mistresses and extramarital affairs the fact that his new wife had engaged in relationships with other men before her marriage to Henry triggered the kings deadly vindictive temper he banished catherine to a monastery and immediately Eddie Lee said about convincing parliament to retroactively pass a law convicting her of adultery and treason as soon as the legislation was passed he rounded up the men Catherine had allegedly slept with and forced them to admit their deeds next he he had one of the men decapitated the other wasn't so lucky before a jeering crowd he was hanged hanged castrated disembowelled beheaded and quartered then the heads of both Catherine's former lovers were placed on spikes and displayed prominently on London Bridge on February tenth fifteen forty two officials arrived at the monastery where Catherine was cloistered. They collected the young Queen placed her on a barge and sail down the Thames toward the Tower of London as they floated past London Bridge Catherine looked up to see the rotting heads of her former Mara lovers. Three days later Catherine was dead coming up the misfortune and jealousy that led led to the death of a queen now back to the story on February Thirteenth fifteen eighteen forty two Catherine Howard the queen of England and wife of King Henry. The eighth was executed for adultery. Catherine was Henry Henry The eighths fifth wife at the time they married. She may have been as young as sixteen and was most certainly a lively. Pretty well liked liked courtier. He was in his fifties obese sickly and covered in poss- filled boils plus. He'd had two of his his previous wives killed. It wasn't an ideal match but who after all could refuse the king he wanted Katherine at least until he found out about the freedom of her early years. Though Catherine Catherine was of noble birth she was brought up in rather peculiar circumstances she lived away from her mother and father at Chatsworth House. A largest state that functioned more like a boarding house for noble children a place for their parents to send them until they became adults or got married in a sense. It was a lot like summer camp. There was little to no discipline and the boys and girls were known to spend time in each other's quarters. Doing what teenagers do Catherine received little in the way of education at Chatsworth but her beauty energy and spirit made ain't people take notice especially men unfortunately Catherine's first sexual experience was not consensual around and age twelve or thirteen. She was molested by her music teacher. Two years later she allegedly began a consensual sexual relationship. Hip with Francis. Durham a young man. who also lived at Chatsworth House? Their relationship continued until Catherine's former music teacher sent the teenagers caretaker. An anonymous letter informing. Her of the affair Catherine's behavior wasn't particularly scandalous or uncommon uncommon especially among nobles. It's almost certain that her former teacher was simply jealous. Petty and vindictive but there there were consequences a short time later. Kathryn moved to a different house where the story goes. She began a sexual relationship with Thomas culpeper. Though it was brief they proclaimed their love for one. Another and parted on good terms. When Catherine was called to court it an of cleaves the fourth wife of King Henry? The eighth wanted the pretty girl to join her retinue but quickly King Henry. The eighth also took notice of Catherine Howard. He began showering her with extravagant the clothes and jewellery and despite his rapidly deteriorating health and their significant age gap he began to court her though though he was still married to Anne of cleves Henry. The eighth wasn't one to let them marriage stand in his way he had his current union annulled gave gave Anna Biggest State and a respectable allowance and then took Catherine as his new wife. Still despite an inauspicious auspice beginning for a short time their marriage was a happy one. Catherine proved a capable popular queen and her youth and vigor boosted the kings spirits and health. But then her luck ran out after learning of her previous. CBS relationships King. Henry forced parliament to pass a law stating that an unchaste woman marrying the king should be guilty the of high treason the proposed law also stated that any woman who presumed to marry the king. Without admitting she'd been unchaste would would be put to death. The Act was passed on January sixteenth. Fifteen forty two Catherine Howard was convicted dictated retroactively. When offered the chance? She didn't even bother to defend herself before parliament. She knew she'd never convinced the king's men to turn against their master. She did however make one effort to save herself when Catherine was arrested at Hampton Court Palace before she was exiled to the monastery she broke free of the king's guards and ran down the hall toward the doors of the chapel. Where where she believed? Henry was praying there. She screamed in vain at the top of her lungs until she was seized. Once more by the guards hards today. Legend has it that her ghost can still be seen running and screaming down that very same same hallway..

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