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None as important as opening the state's first mass vaccination site, he told reporters after the year. The country just went through. The vaccines are a light at the end of the tunnel and give people hope for the future in Foxboro, Kevin Tonda, Cliff WBZ, Boston's news radio and a second similar site, is planning to open up its Way park on the first of next month, Right 7 33 pretty quiet night so far, but I feel like I might have drinks that I hope that's not true Time for traffic and weather together Super where retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Here's Mike Yeah. Things are pretty quiet out there. Nicole. Yeah, no problems reported here on the expressway. So you've got a good ride into the city here. I've got 11. Maybe 12 minutes from Raintree up to the tunnel and South bound is clear down past the East Milton Square overpass. So things are going on The expressway in the Rue three along the South Shore is good as well. Here. Women down into Plymouth. A good ride for you there all the cape highways. They're fine, including red six for 28. The bridges and the canal roads, All quiet routes. 24 95 south. They're fine. Coming down from 93 up to the north volume. Very light on 1 28 here between, say, Wall, Fam and Danvers. No problems there. 93 is clear all the way to the New Hampshire border and no difficulties on Rue one. The Mass Turnpike has been good since late this morning, and it's still clear both directions between 2 90 Auburn and the potential tunnel downtown. Speaking of downtown, things are good coming into the city Tonight. Storrow Drive looks good coming in past the Longfellow Bridge the Tobin Bridge and deliver it down Rampart. Good and so is the lower deck of 93. My king with WBC's traffic on the three them for the rest of the 90 occasional Fleury, maybe in northern Massachusetts. But, you know, I keep watching the radar and it looks like for the most part these air starting to clear up, so we'll take that for sure. We've got a pretty cloudy night ahead with the load just about 30, right by the coast and closer toward the lower twenties, if you're north and west of Boston Tomorrow. Some sunshine not quite so cold in the afternoon high pushing the mid forties maybe a flurry or to north and west of 4 95 in the afternoon and evening hours. We can so far looking pretty good son on both Saturday and Sunday, But it will be very cold. So if you have to be outside layers, warm drinks, mittens, maybe Bernie mittens, whatever you choose. We've got a hand. You're 31 on Saturday. Real fields in the teens and then for your Sunday we've got blustery conditions behind near 32. Let's take a look at the temperatures right now, saying 27 in Westford, west of town, 25 in south Bridge south of town on the South.

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