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Here you deserve every last bite nature valley sweet salty bars now available in many this is a seven ten W. O. R. corona virus update so little warmer weather help here's Dr Gregory Poland had a vaccine research at the Mayo Clinic Florida has a lot of cases right now and temperatures have been in the eighties the southern hemisphere has started to have cases even though their war I think at a blog levels it does hello but it's not going to be secure so we're focused on getting you the facts for more information keep listening and visit seven ten W. O. R. dot com slash corona I mean you G. in this war against the corona virus seven ten W. O. R. now here's land Berman and Michael Riedel a new feature to segment on the show called memorable moments now Linda's covered sports for many many years I've covered Broadway for many many years in both sports and Broadway are up well I'm not going on right now so over those years led by both were witnesses to some of the most memorable moments historic moments in both Broadway and sports so which warning this week we're going to bring you one of those moments that that we both witness so my moment when we touched on it yesterday with one of our callers Jack when she asked me if I ever saw an actual show stopper on Broadway where the show just grinds to a halt in the audience won't stop flooding until the person performs the number again the closest thing I've seen to that was a wonderful actor by the name of Michael Jeter in the great Tommy tune musical Grand Hotel now that's a musical that sat in Berlin at a Grand Hotel on the in the thirties as the **** are coming to power and Michael Jeter plays this Jewish guy kringle and I think his name is and he's dying of cancer he was a boring accountant all of his life lived alone died of cancer and he's gonna have one last word sh well whatever little money he has left he treats himself to stay at the Grand Hotel before he dies and he finds and discovers at the hotel life living life for the first time and there's this great song called will take a glass together where he's at the bar in the hotel and he starts drinking and gets drunk and then he just starts singing and dancing and I got to go to our website to check this video out seven ten W. O. R. dot com slash love Michael I have never in all the years covering Broadway I've never seen anyone dance the way Michael Jeter does he's just a little guy a slip of a thing but his legs become at one point a pin wheel I think you can have that they're going around in circles and he just bounces around it moves like a rubber band and it was absolutely thrilling and stunning to see him do that every night Grand Hotel and here's what it sounds like just imagine this little guy with his legs spinning like a pinwheel and you can hear is that the Tony awards that year he won the Tony for best featured actor in a musical you can hear the audience just going out of their minds watching Michael Jeter in Grand Hotel gives me chills lane just hearing that now Michael Jeter E. R. won the Tony when he gave a very moving acceptance speech B. B. because before Grand Hotel he'd been an alcoholic.

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