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Yeah yeah whereas like she is a single model home so yeah we need to know how this woman canes kane is mom get all this power and respect that is true lies so hopefully you know what i'm saying episode two. They go more in today. But i definitely want to show fifty out. I like saint omar epps. I was happy when i sing. Lament state. you know what i'm saying in in in the last power joint akaba to right I dunno he was in actual power. He was an actual power with ghost mall. More like an powder. Yeah and then probably to to see what he didn't see mary in element maybe go. I couldn't i mean she's done other acting gigs. But i've seen seeing her narrow like solidified if amelio. Mary could go this route for the remainder her career. She can still sing and do albums she wants to play. I think she could actually go now. Z. would rather see home. Screen you would. I could see going. I one hundred be more versatile and rose as she play Because mary has always had like this hot exterior. Like i one hundred look a little bit more softer. Yea i wanna show some range Who else but nevertheless even other dude dude applies are older brother. I remember seeing him in net There was a show on. Hbo there was about. Football's footballers nfl kind of show. They had real nfl actually scenario ballers. That's okay ball away ron..

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