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He's gonna have to win that match up the next two games, I believe for the warriors to have a chance to win this whole thing. Now, hold off a second. You saying that you would have Klay defending him a vast majority tonight's game as well. I think you're gonna have to because I think their lack of offense from their front court makes it almost imperative that they put try to put another shooter on the floor more like they did at one point late in the fourth where they sub substituted dollar for Quinn, cook on the initial Klay Thompson three to cut it to three. I. Think because they just don't have in the half court, a lot of options when they're, let's say they have a looney and green and dollar. You may have to put that third person, you know, third guy on the floor that the shooter, and that's going to be probably Quinn cook, and that's going to be Klay Thompson match. Play Thompson, right? To me from string standpoint that he's better served guarding Kawhi, Leonard than equa dollar because they would has great timing in his healthy like we saw in the last possession. The only the only negative to Compton, guarding Leonard obviously foul trouble. He had a couple of quick ones in game five, and obviously, you have no shot, if either Thomson, or curry spins time on the bench, due to trouble to have been good. Appreciate you. Look forward to listen to you night on telecast. Thank you so much of your time, take it easy. You gotta stealing right one. All. Jeff coach Jeff Van Gundy, right here it was. Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news editor, say ESPN, two three seven hundred six. Listen listening. Lots Stevens for show, ESPN radio ESPN news..

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